Ameriscapes construction inc.

About ameriscapes

          AmeriScapes Construction is a General Contracting and Site Development firm serving the Midwest of the US. Founded in 2010 as "AmeriScapes Inc.", we originated as a strictly Site Development firm for Commercial clients, serving the greater Richmond area. We approached projects focusing on customer service, employee oriented goals, and the best quality we could produce. Quickly advancing to serve Municipal, Industrial, and Residential clientele, our services have expanded to more than 50 different fields, in 20 different industries.

          In the Fall of 2016, "AmeriScapes Inc." changed to "AmeriScapes Construction Inc." to create a better understanding for prospect buyers. Even with the new name, our promise was to keep the same quality of product and service, striving to continue partnerships and client-building. That goal has still been an influencing factor in how we operate today. With hundreds of clients and thousands of projects completed, our reputation is known across the Development community.

          Now, AmeriScapes Construction operates in 9 different states, focusing on client-building relationships, and long term contracts for providers of all industries. Our Massive service territory not only allows us to build many different relationships for a stronghold in the Midwest, but also allows us to facilitate only the best practices and equipment for our projects. 

          Our full time in-house employees treat our portfolio like an art gallery. Focusing on the professionalism in not only the product, but also in how our clients see them. Their willingness to promote professionalism has paved the way to success.  AmeriScapes believes in Community Involvement, and Family Tradition, incorporating these values into everyday operations. We believe all AmeriScapes personnel are family, and hold a tight bond with all. If one feels out of place, we are sure to assist in any way we can.  We don't believe in titles for employees. At the end of the day, we are all very similar regardless of title, and as such everyone is known by the name, not the number. As stated many times, "there are many different levels of responsibility but only one level of people‚Ķtreat people on a people level". Exerting this everyday strengthens our values, ethics, and work environments, while creating tight bonds with co-eds.